20 June 2012

Guest Bedroom: The Plans

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm trying to make this room presentable! It's looking a little sad at the moment!

The blank slate circa October 2010

Picture this with paper blinds and a random assortment of furniture & you've got our current guest bedroom. Sure there's a place to sleep and a spot for your clothes, and even a chair to read in, but it was feeling a little unloved. Each room has to feel loved, so this was not ok. 

It started with a need for an inexpensive desk for my schoolwork and ended up being the perfect compliment to the guest room! Actually, I had made the design board for this room way before beginning the guest bath and hadn't even considered how the two would look together. I love happy coincidences. 

We also needed something a little nicer than the futon for our poor moms to sleep on, but needed a smaller footprint than a traditional full or queen bed. Luckily for us IKEA makes this awesome daybed that converts to a double when you slide the trundle out. WIN!

So here's the breakdown:
(2) 16"sq pillows - Betwixt in Grass (already have!)
(2) 20"sq pillows in teal (already have!)
(1) 14" x 24" pillow - Bayrum in Orchid
Logan Writing Desk (already have!)
Thrifted chair, upholstered in a Sunbrella fabric
Brushed nickel knobs we have lying around the house

Before I commit to the table and lighting and some other accents I have in mind, I plan to shop Marshalls, World Market & Ross to see what I can find. I can't wait to put this plan in motion. 

13 June 2012

June 13, 2009

To the love of my life, Happy Anniversary, and may there be many more to come.

I love you with all my heart, Robynne

To my friends and family, here's some pics of our special day!

*I didn't wear my glasses for the entire ceremony, so I couldn't actually see! Which caused moments like this gem! 

31 May 2012

Remember me?!

It's been about SEVEN months since the last time I published a post on this blog & that was making me incredibly sad. I loved my little slice of the blogosphere and then abandoned it! Life sorta got in the way & my home became less of a priority, but now I'm back! I've missed you guys so much!!

So let's start with what I did this Memorial Day weekend! It definitely wasn't a traditional one for myself, no pools & BBQs, just me, a paintbrush and reflection on the true meaning of the holiday while hubby's out of town.

Our guest bedroom has been our project lately while we save up funds to continue tackling the great room, so I decided to carry the love over into the guest bath. It was the only room in the house that wasn't painted besides the laundry room (which I have my eyes on next!!!) and I was bored!

So as usual, I came up with a plan:

I've had these prints saved on my computer since Bryn used them in one of her first interior decorating projects. Actually, I forgot about them until I was cleaning out pic files on my computer! They were definitely the inspiration for the room. I wanted something spa like, but with a punch of color. 

Next up, paint. We used Sherwin Williams's Sea Salt and Oyster Bay in our base house and I loved them, so I decided to stay in the color family & use the middle child, Comfort Gray. From there on, a trip to Marshalls, Target & Home Depot was all it took to bring the look together. 

It's a small room, so very hard to photograph, but I did my best! 

The rug, teal & white towels and waffle weave shower curtain are from Marshalls. I  was so happy to stumble across that rug! I love it. Frames and pink hand towel are from Target. I simply printed out the prints on my home printer and popped them into the frames. Up close, it's not the absolute best quality, but it gets the job done :) The accents on the vanity are from Hobby Lobby, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Target & One Kings Lane (which I know I need to pare down!!). New light fixture is from Home Depot (not pictured).

In the future,  I would love to replace the mirror, take a sledgehammer to those tiles, update the towel  fixtures & rip out the counter/backsplash, but I'm loving the new space I've created for our guests and I hope they will too.

Now it's on to the place where they'll sleep!

10 October 2011

Let there be (nicer) light!

Well hello there chickies! How are we on this lovely Monday morning?

Today I'm here to show you some progress on the kitchen! Although I made a plan, we haven't stuck to it in the order we originally assumed, but who does?! Phase two was supposed to be a cabinet above the fridge, new brass hardware & adding crown molding to the top of the cabinets. We're working on the hardware at the moment (I keep changing my selections, oops!) but we're waiting for the new year to complete the other steps. 

So. Lighting. Ok. We had no idea what we wanted. Here are a few options we considered, and eventually rejected.

For one reason or another, they just didn't work when I did my Photoshop hack job of the space. Because this home doesn't really have a style, it was very hard to choose something! I feel like lighting can help clearly define the style of a room, along with other things like moldings & furnishings. These weren't helping. So we kept our eyes open for something that felt right

Have I told you how much I love the Restore? Well I do, a lot. My husband and I decided to stroll through our local store last week during one of my mornings off. I was looking for wing-back chairs, but I still like to peak at the other sections. While we were originally lured into the lighting area by another fixture, once we saw the lights we chose, ideas were flooding! 

Enter: your standard builder-grade brass foyer light. 

We plan to Rub 'n Buff them so the finish is a little more antique, a little less eighties. Or possibly spray them black. I don't know yet. One step at a time!

My husband hung them using a recessed light adapter from Home Depot. Eleven bucks, say what? The pendant has made it through the night (something I was SERIOUSLY concerned about) but I will have an update about the durability of this product in the near future!

We haven't hung the other one yet, but here's my sad Photoshop to show you what it might look like when they're both up! It won't be as close to the shelves as it looks, I promise.

I'll have a tutorial for using the converter, as my husband said the instructions basically sucked.

What do you think?! I'm totally in love! Eep!!!

PS. We have two microwaves. Can you say fatties?

17 September 2011

We're on the right track!

Seeing this kitchen on the cover of a magazine made me smile!

Why, you ask?

Because our kitchen looks like this:

Green-ish grey cabinets, open shelving with black brackets & as you know from this post we'll be introducing white marble (or a solid-surface substitute) counters!

Look at who's totally on trend!!!

I told you babe, I'm not THAT crazy ;)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! We will be rooting for the local university's football team later today & the Washington Redskins tomorrow! I LOVE football season :)